Our History

For seven years, Ballet Manguinhos has been present in a vulnerable and full of inequality territory –  where it meets the needs of  children, teenagers and young people who live at Manguinhos. As a form of giving back the great support she received from social projects, the director of BM, Daiana Ferreira, started her trajectory of opening a door to new opportunities inside this neighborhood. From the experience she has acquired for being a ballerina, a choreographer and a ballet teacher, Daiana has created a training project which has given a new purpose to the residents of Manguinhos by dance teaching and by  stimulating a reading habit.

Today, Ballet Manguinhos has 250 students being directly benefited by the project and another 500 in the queue for a spot in it. We have the assistance of our team and the confidence from the guardians of our students; The Secular Society (TSS) providing us sponsorship; and Fiocruz Workers’ Union (Sindicato dos Trabalhadores da FioCruz – ASFOC-SN) to support our project. Because of them, we live, day by day, to make dreams come true and to make room for changes through art, culture and education within Manguinhos and its surroundings.

“We intent to empower the trajectories of these children, teenagers and young people through art and through understanding the importance of reading as a present choice for their lives. Dance, for us, is an element of socialization. It expands awareness, provides freedom and teaches citizenship. Art is seen as a different path and an agent for new opportunities of life.”



Taking Care of What Is Ours

By fighting for its rights and to meet our duties, Ballet Manguinhos has the objective of reaching its goals with excellency. In this way, we assist and live together with three different groups that are present in our project. These are our team, our students and their families - and they are the key for our aims to be reached in a transparent and assertive way.


Taking a Further Step

Ballet Manguinhos believes that is it is always necessary to think of others and in the possible transformation that may be done in people’s lives. Therefore, together with the art of dancing and the stimulation of a reading habit, we believe that our routine, our passion and our perspective of a brighter future are paths for new panoramas in a country that is short sighted when it comes to taking care of its citizens.


Being Happy

With all the love and commitment to what we stand for, Ballet Manguinhos stimulates the creation of life-time relationships between our teachers, students and their guardians. Besides, our classes must follow the necessary discipline and responsibility that is demanded by Classical Ballet. However, our students must always be comfortable in their own skin.


Students That Are Being Currently Attend


Shows Produced


Audience in Shows


Students Attended in Seven Years


Extra Activities

Cultural Visits

Our cultural visit has the aim of allowing our students to have access to local museums, theaters, science centers, exhibitions and libraries. We call it cultural experiences - and not just school tours - because...

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Beyond Manguinhos

The BM seeks, whenever it is possible, to participate of other events that are not directly linked to our project. Therefore, we attend to  the many invitations for events and for especial participation...

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The Reading Habit

The main purpose of “Dancing and Reading” (Dançando e Lendo)  is to unite dance and reading outside the walls of Ballet Manguinhos. The project  enters the homes of our students...

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Through invitations by the name of Ballet Manguinhos, we have already brought many personalities from the world of dance and, also, people with great social influences in order form them to chat with our students.

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